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Pursuant to District Rule 137-048-0220, Adair Rural Fire Protection District (District) is conducting a formal selection process to invite architects and/or engineers to submit proposals to provide seismic rehabilitation design and construction oversight for the Main Station. The District plans to award a contract to the highest ranked proposer(s) selected from those architects/engineers submitting proposals. The anticipated contract or contracts will include: all design work; site analysis; solicitation of and award to a construction contractor; construction oversight; and procurement of all necessary government permits.

The full Request for Proposals may be obtained from, and questions posed to:

Chuck Harris, Fire Chief

Mail: Adair Rural Fire Protection District 6021 NE Marcus Harris Avenue Adair Village, OR 97330-9490

Phone: (541) 745-7212

E-Mail: adair@adair-rural-fire.com

Section VII Proposal Evaluation Question was raised regarding the interpretation of Question 9.

Proposer’s public safety track record.

You need to sell me that you are going to get the job done on time and under budget. Now show me that you have worked with fire and or police agencies that need to keep responding to emergency calls in spite that work. Tell me how you accommodated their needs.  Adjusted the time line. As a volunteer agency we are limited in our flexibility to be able to move apparatus very far from our manpower so we will have to be able to stay in the station while work continues and move the key apparatus from one bay to another to accommodate your needs as well.   

Proposals will be received by the District until closing, 5 p.m. on September 8, 2017. Responses received after this time will be rejected as non-responsive. Proposers shall submit proposals in a sealed opaque envelope, plainly marked “Proposals for Architectural/Engineering Services—Main Station Seismic Rehabilitation Project” to Fire Chief Chuck Harris at the above address. Faxed and emailed proposals will be rejected as non-responsive.

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